Paul Nicotera

By living up to the Libertarian ideals of smart, efficient, small government, that protects individual freedoms, supports market innovation, and encourages alternative revenue sources instead of growing debt and taxes; we will realize a new vision for the future of Upper Dublin.  We will succeed by:

  • Renewing a strong sense of Community: By being open, honest and communicative, we will ensure that all voices are heard and considered. We all want to be engaged and as your Commissioner I will work to ensure that you stay informed and that your voices are being heard.
  • Building for our future: We all feel strongly about how our community will grow and change in the future. We will attract new businesses and development to our Town, grow our tax base and still maintain the small town feel that makes Upper Dublin so special to us all.
  • Support Innovation: As I have spoken to and met with many of you, I have heard such great passion and wonderful ideas for your vision of Upper Dublin. As your Commissioner, I will make sure that your ideas are given serious consideration.
  • Be Fiscally Responsible: Great communities like Upper Dublin need money to provide the wonderful services we have. We are all willing to contribute, but we also know that rising tax burdens and growing debt can harm the value of our homes and be an obstacle to attracting new business and development. We must be smarter about generating revenue. We will look to the many great charitable organizations in Upper Dublin and we will work hard bring our State and Federal tax dollars back to Upper Dublin.

Together I know that we will build an Upper Dublin that will continue to be a flourishing suburb, with small town charm and a firm sense of community. I look forward to meeting my Upper Dublin neighbors, listening to your stories, hearing your vision and ideas for the future of Upper Dublin and earning your support and your vote.

This page will be the place for you to come and see how my platform develops over the coming weeks and months. I know people often ask. “what do you stand for” or “what will you do once elected”? I think the key response to this question is to stand up and represent all of the residents of Ward 3 and all of Upper Dublin. I want to ensure that no voice goes unheard and that the minority on any issue is given just as much credibility and respect as the majority.

As we move into spring and start approaching the primary election in May, I will be hitting the streets to talk to the voters of my Ward and Upper Dublin. In my mind, the most important thing a Candidate or Elected Official can do is listen. We should strive to hear what all of our constituents have to say and build our platform on the key issues that you bring to us.

Please come back often to see what specific issues the residents that I speak to bring to me and my ideas for how to best handle them. I will also be keeping a blog on my home page to discuss everything that is going on in my Campaign. I look forward to meeting all of you and hearing what you have to say about how I can best serve our community.